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blood red sky

trailer director peter thorwart dop andrés marder camera operator b-cam andrés paulssen postproduktion marco sohn grading wefadetogrey swen linde produktion rat pack, action concept, donarfilm, universal  

sturmfrei season 1 & 2

STURMFREI is a German comedy series for kids and teens told by a wide range of topics from the experience of the protagonist Lea. In 13 episodes, each 15 minutes takes us on Lea with 13 small adventure in the life of a girl but not yet also is not […]

danni lowinski – season 3 episode 1, 2 , 3

Danni Lowinski is a former hairdresser who has graduated in law. When she does not get a job in a noble law firm, she starts to give legal advice from a folding table in the basement of a shopping mall. annette frier daniela „danni“ lowinski axel siefer kurt lowinski nadja […]